The consumer electronics industry has not been oblivious to the wildly successful MP3 phenomena. At 15, only slightly elevating the bass would cause significant distortion making music unlistenable. With the volume at 15 and with bass settings at normal 0 , the Jukebox was bearably loud with all headphones and distortion was rarely evident. When set to 9V, we measure this power adapter’s DC output voltage at just under 9V. Digital audio players Portable media players Jukebox-style media players. It enabled users to record straight from a camera attachment. The PMA was the most expensive within the line of products that they supplied.

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The unit froze completely and would archhos turn off. Answered on Feb 13, Some confusion exists regarding the speed of the Recorder’s USB port.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As an MP3 player, the sound quality is good with ample volume. Although the Archos Jukebox is promising we suggest staying away from it until these problems are corrected.

Transfer rates for the two drives are shown below. Our player had version 4. The Generation 4 series is an upgrade to the previous AV Series. Using any of the headphones listed above, the Jukebox sounded good.

Discontinued Archos products

We are on our second unit for this review. Although the song title scrolls, it is limited to thirty jukevox which is somewhat frustrating for those who like to include artist and even album name in the filenames and ID3 tags.


Posted on Jan 08, Be the first to answer. Although the manual states that this button only needs to be held down for two seconds, it appears to take more like four.

arhcos With American offices in Irvine, California, the company also provides a firmware revision historywhich is a professional, useful and commendable service. It is a good thing that the batteries do not have to be placed in an external charger because they are very difficult to extract from the unit.

To date, we have waited nearly a week without any response from Archos.

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A 2MB buffer can hold around two minutes of music encoded at kbps, the most common MP3 encoding rate. The Archos ColorMaster was a graphics card for the Amigathat increased the number of colours that could be displayed on the screen.

Especially for older stuff.

Archos, a French company known for its tiny, portable USB and Firewire drives, has a product competing with the Nomad called the Jukebox A single source claims the OS to be Windows Mobile on all models. Similar to the FM Recorder model, but featured no FM tuner some of the earliest V2 models did in fact feature an FM tuner although it was not advertised nor used by the original firmware.


This is a very minor issue. One version for PC and Mac. Comes with a USB interface. Juukebox Control Coming Soon Upgradeable: With the volume at 15 and with bass settings at normal 0the Jukebox was bearably loud with 600 headphones and distortion was rarely evident. Aarchos on Mar 30, As is typical for most headphones bundled with portable audio products, the ones included with the Jukebox are not very good. However, even in these circumstances, the load voltage of alkaline batteries will soon drop below NiMh’s relatively constant 1.

Archos jukebox () Free Driver Download for Windows 98SE

We noticed no problems when placing the player in its carrier right side up. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The later version came with 15 or 20gb sized hard drives. That’s fair since the Jukebox is an MP3 player after all. While USB2 is just now appearing, many computers are already equipped with the interfaces.

This model is sometimes referred to as the Recorder v1 to differentiate it from the later v2 version which looks quite different.