The other 2 are 1. I have driver detective, downloaded the drivers I need, but still this is a bummer. Of course our wonderful non-user-friendly computer manufacturers decided to manufactured both 2. I agree with john. Azeez N Replied on July 4, Recommend you update your article as it would seem the standard has shifted. Other than that clarification, thanks for this article!

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I bookmarked this quite some time ago because I was dealing with computers during that transition time between USB 1.

After “retiring” inLeo started Ask Leo! Is there something wrong? So I have USB version 1.

How can I tell if I have USB ? – Ask Leo!

The hard question is which ports are 2. Start with search, at the top of the page. What could have caused this and is there a full proof solution? This thread is locked.

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What announces to the Device manager llatitude you have USB 2. Now it does again, but still that message. I want to get an external HD but they all say 2. I do not believe the introductory information from the site host, Leo Notenboom, in his introduction is correct: USB controllers from different vendors might not report ports in the same way and might not indicate that all the roof are USB 2.


USB Hubs not recognized in Windows 7

And regarding the driver, it has eell be 5. I have same problam of data transferring speed i have standard enhanced pci to usb host controller. So now, I installed Windows 7 Ultimate date version usbb toformatting my hard drive that had Windows Vista Basic the original OS installed.

I have 2 USB ports on the front of my computer and 4 on the back. Not what I expected. I am then offered a list of high speed ports on my computer. Hello, My printer wont work and when I trouble shoot — this is what it says. I did everything you described.

How can I tell if I have USB 2.0?

Why does my network connection drop every so often? The drive letter is missing in my computer. I found your article very informative. How satisfied are you with this response? Thanks in advance, Luis Beato. You can buy a USB 2. How can I tell which one is the enhanced port?


Not only do you need to be aware of what devices and ports are USB 1. I got the nearly the same time on 3 computers but they were all USB 2. My 2 USB drivers at the rear of the computer are too slow to read contents of a pendrive etc.

Eell, I decided to reinstall W7, not only in an attempt to fix the USB problem, but for other reasons too. Now that we have USB 3. Is just a question of speed or I should worry about compatible problems?

I have 4 built in USB ports, 2 in front 2 in back.