It’s not the number of files that matters; it’s what’s in the files that matter. To be able to maintain your CNC lines at maximum efficiency, we also offer service contracts to our users where we can provide the required staff to achieve this goal. Limitation 7 — Transmitting Parameters transmitting the intersection and manufacturing parameters and the component dimensions from the programmable logic controller to at least one manufacturing machine; Voortman did not, at the hearing, clarify a contention — if it was making one — that this limitation is not met. Both sides seek summary judgment with regard to anticipation contentions. Throughout the world Ficep is considered a true market leader, but the key to its success lies in its workforce and their capabilities in customer relations.

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The system can be demonstrated under power at our facility and is equipped with the following options and features:. Voortman may, by February 20,file a motion seeking partial summary judgment with regard to direct infringement by its customers other than Haas Metal Engineering, Inc.

C 9, ECF No.


Rack and pinion positioning and measuring achieves an flcep level that is second to none. Voortman contends that the ‘ Patent is invalid because it was anticipated by: The Type A 31 is equipped with two independent spindles that can be programmed in unison or independently in the y axis to permit the engagement of both spindles in the material simultaneously to maximize the efficiency of the system.


Ficep seeks summary judgment establishing that the ‘ Patent is not invalid by virtue of obviousness in light of the following combinations of prior art asserted by Voortman: Tandem Drill and Robotic Coper.

A party may assert invalidity on several grounds, including anticipation by prior art and the obviousness of the invention. The Mueller Prior Art Voortman contends that what it calls the “Mueller Prior Art” anticipates the ‘ Patent and constitutes a “public use” bar to its validity. An invention is obvious if it involves only improvements that would be considered readily apparent to someone skilled in the same area as the subject matter of the invention. Rather, the Voortman customer extracts from the design model the specifications for a single component the cylinder that includes what is necessary for the connection of the other component the handle.

Int’l LLCF. The Court has held a hearing and has had the benefit of the arguments of counsel. Ficep’s position is, succinctly, that the programmable logic controller can be spread among more than one device. Since the beginning, Ficep has been exclusively engaged in the engineering and manufacturing of machine tools for the metalworking industry.

An individual uses CAD software, 4 to create, in electronic format, a threedimensional design model of a multi-component object. The positioning accuracy is not effected by rust, scale, ice or snow on the section Automatic stock length measuring before the section is processed The positive rack and pinion system does not require calibration for changes in material type or conditions.

The design model is stored in a database. The Court shall address each limitation in turn. A Auto CNC Punch, Drill, Mark and Shear – 19 Models of Angle The Ficep angle line systems typically eliminate the manual layout and automates the production of holes, notches, part marking and cutting of the finished part to length! Voortman seeks summary judgment establishing that the ‘ Patent is invalid by virtue of obviousness in light of:.


Drill Lines – Overview

Voortman counterclaims for a declaratory judgment of noninfringement and invalidity. It can control these machines that Voortman sells. A use may be considered “public” even if only one person knew about and used the invention. While the manual is prior art, the evidence is not sufficient to establish that it anticipates the ‘ Patent.

Click the citation to see the full text of the cited case. Tandem Drill and Saw Systems.

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Ficep shall arrange a case planning telephone conference to be held by February 24, Therefore, specific infringement must be proven.

It’s not the number of files that matters; it’s what’s in the files that matter.

The need to comply with strict paint specifications has dictated shot blasting as a prerequisite to painting. Citations are also linked in the body of the Featured Case. This is fivep before their line is installed to enhance the effectiveness of the training and installation experience.

Anticipation A patent is invalid if it was anticipated by prior art.