Disabling the PCI cards in device manager may work fine for testing what’s up. Disable them in Device manager. Really like the unit. When I am uploading files to my web site, however, I get drop-outs every minute or so. My interface uses wall power, in your case if you have 2 devices that both need USB power on the same hub your going to have a problem. What else can I try as far as finding and eliminating the cause of the dropouts USB interruptions? User Control Panel Log out.

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Windows Defender is indeed pretty limited on Windows 7. Those settings don’t effect playback from Media player or movies, The drivers will automatically switch to what ever the file playing was set for.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 (USB audio interface) – Dropouts, ASIO, and other questions

I didn’t notice anything hogging focursite CPU, besides the normal games, programming apps, etc. You could share speakers via a small mixer or dedicated device.

Because, in fairness, the PCI card would solve the problem, it’s just that he probably doesn’t need it since one of the other USB2 ports would likely work fine.

I think that the Scarlett is a device made for working with Audio inside professional software and was never intended to be used for PC chores.


Cactus Music Max Output Level: Anyway, I’ll keep using the Scarlett today and see if it gives me any dropouts. This sometimes caused issues if you have Sonar open and tried to play in other software.

You definitely want ASIO. I tried yet another USB port which is not one of the blue ones and was able to go more than 27 minutes without a dropout, before I had to go. I can’t disconnect from the Internet because I work from home, and am always online. DPC latency is fine I just checked. It’s very common for me to be playing a demanding game, ripping a CD, and listening to music all at the same time, with no problems.

It’s distracting and annoying, and makes me question whether the Scarlett can handle what I’d like it to do with Sonar, which is: Just to chime in. Tripecac Max Output Level: I have no idea why, though.

I don’t think the port you picked is “lucky. What do you use for AntiVirus instead?

It still working happily away in my old backup DAW. I think it’s a matter of choosing a port that is free and clear of other activity. And finally, are there ways of improving the performance and stability of the Scarlett or any Qsio audio interface by somehow increasing the power to it?


Open the task manager and keep it open while you listen to playback. I thought the same But I am really unfamiliar with USB sound cards, ssio can’t really trust my instincts too much!

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Well, at least the free ones. You should also check if you have any unnecessary utilities in Startup Task Manager-Startup tab.

What else can I try as far as finding and eliminating the cause of the dropouts USB interruptions? Even though you don’t think it’s causing issues this is a highly suspect culprit. But didn’t you say you ran Latency Monitor and found nothing?

Unless you have a zillion things hooked up to all your ports that are sucking power from the Scarlett. Disabling the PCI cards in device manager may work fine for testing what’s up.

Windows can be updating and all sorts of stuff. So maybe that’s all it took: I have also confirmed that the USB port is indeed 2.