According to your system specs you shouldn’t even be installing these drivers. It’s completely broken, as several review sites have shown, and they act like it’s not an issue at all. Beta Catalyst Driver Eyefinity. The major problem with divers ATiMan uninstaller helps, especially with beta drivers.

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I have over fifty games installed on my comp atm from the year onwards and nearly all work fine with Installed some modded Wednesday, September 26th All kinds of bugs relating to video appeared forcing you to tweak the ini or you couldn’t even play the game it was so choppy. Thanx heaps for headz up, i will try them out right now for sure!!

C After I had 90 degrees, but now my pc is freshThank you amd for drop my card, Now I use a decent driver. I don’t quite understand why so many folks complain about amd,s drivers, im not saying there isnt issues, just never had any problems myself with the 3 amd cards ive owned over the last 2 odd years.


WTF is this happening?!!?

AMD Catalyst Beta is Now Available | PC Perspective

That’s one game where AMD’s cards are certainly doing way slower than they catalysh. Beta Catalyst Driver Eyefinity. After months of waiting, I finally got my hands on a stable Catalyst for my system, and that was Hope they work out for you anyway, if you try them.

How is F1 BTW? I’ve been playing since the day it was beta. Finally Ubuntu Quantal put them fglrx drivers version. I can do 2x barely. bbeta

AMD Catalyst Beta Linux Driver Released – Phoronix Forums

Maybe folks are not installing them properly? My pc is a hp pavilion dv6 with radeon You can thank Hi-rez for that. The major problem with divers But every patch since launch has made it worse and worse.

It wasn’t all that popular in the first place, but how many people play that nowadays anyway? Login or Sign Up.

I noticed some bugs with Google Chrome hardware acceleration but that’s it. Its been stable for me so far, only played some borderlands 2 though. And i was hoping AMD Enduro is some new tech to make battery last even longer just to see it’s a renamed old tech. As good as the demo I downloaded.


AMD release Catalyst 12.9 beta drivers

According to your system specs you shouldn’t even be installing these drivers. Originally posted by Kano View Post.

A whine about wine in regards to fglrx. No tearing on opengl output for videos, good opengl perfomance, good desktop effects performance, good native games performance, I play every day amnesia with this drivers and I don’t have any problem.

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As an Arch user i’m not able to start X, still getting Xorg. Meaning Quantal versionis one month newer. Fire Fox now works without crashing. I missed my FFox.